Conversation class:

Conversation classes are designed to help you speak and listen to spoken English.  We cover a variety of topics. They are informal, which means there is no tests or exams.

They take place Monday – Thursday at 10:00 – 11:00.
Click on this link at this time to join: 

Cooking class:

Cooking classes are an opportunity to learn about new dishes and how to make some classics.   We talk through ingredients and appliances in English. We also encourage people to share their favourite dishes.

They take place Monday and Tuesday at 1:00-1:30. Click on this link at this time to join:

Or you can attend Conversation classes organised by Together for Change, currently taking place on Zoom

The classes are:

  • Monday 11.00am-12.30pm
  • Wednesday 7.45pm-9.00pm
  • Thursday 11.00am-12.30pm

Join on Zoom

Coventry Welcomes Festival: Refugee Week

This year Refugee Week will look a little different due to COVID but the Migration Team is looking to put on some fun activities online to get involved with.

Monday June 14th – The Migration team will be hosting a cooking class via Zoom.  Our colleague, Mona will be sharing her recipe for her infamous aubergine dip.

Tuesday June 15th – Online conversation with WM Police.  Hate crime and contacting the police – use of 999,101, what is and how to report hate crime.

Wednesday June 16th – Social media campaign, ‘We can not walk alone’ reflective walk.

Thursday June 17th – Health Champions take over the conversation class to discuss all things wellbeing.

Friday June 18th – Social media campaign, ‘Sports United’ what sports mean to you and how it helps to break down barriers.

For more info please email

Coventry Welcomes Festival is a week-long festival celebrated within the framework of the national Refugee Week, starting on the  15th June 2020 running until  the 20th of June 2020.

This year launches the second ‘Coventry Welcomes Festival’  to promote a more inclusive image of the city with a diverse population. The festival will follow the national theme “Imagine ” as an invitation to explore the lives of those seeking sanctuary and those who have welcomed them – throughout generations. This year the majority of the festival programme will be online.

For information on all the events in Coventry then please visit the website: