English Conversational Classes

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What is an English conversation class?

Learning English can be difficult, but there are many supporting networks to help you through our English language journey.

English Conversation Classes are fun, engaging, informal and optional sessions provide a safe and secure place for you to practise your English. There are no exams or tests involved in these classes.

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The interactive map will show you numerous locations around Coventry where you can attend free ESOL classes to help improve your English skills. The map also provides website information and contact details, so you can get in touch and start improving your skillset at a location that suits you.


Social Activities – these are designed around common interests, such as dance, cooking or sport, to create a space and opportunity for language and culture sharing.

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Useful links

Find useful links for helpful resources to support your learning.

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English Class Assessment Path

To help you improve your English language skills and be able to start either paid or unpaid work, this section outlines the path that you’ll need to take in order achieve this goal

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