Questions and Answers

Can I look for my own accommodation?

You are not allowed to rent if:

  • you do not have permission to enter or live in the UK
  • you are an asylum seeker who has not yet received a decision on your case

For more information:

Asylum support

Know your rights 

How can I find a house?

Housing will be provided by the Home Office if there is an ongoing application for asylum. If you are a failed asylum seeker, you MAY find a place at the Peace House in Coventry.


Do I have any benefits?

Asylum Seekers are only entitled to Asylum Support. They are treated as “Subject to immigration control” and therefore are not entitled to benefits.


  • If you are a national of Algeria, Morocco, San Marino, Tunisia and Turkey and you are lawfully working in the UK (ie working in accordance with permission from the Home Office) you are able to claim the following :  Child Benefit, Child Tax Credit, Personal Independence Payment, Disability Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance, Carers Allowance, Social Fund payments, including the Sure Start Maternity Grant.
  • You can continue to claim these if you cannot work due to pregnancy, childcare, illness or accident.
  • You may also claim any of these if you live with a family member who is a national of one of these countries and lawfully working in the UK.
  • Asylum support is a fixed amount for both adults and children and is currently £37.75 for each member of your family. Extra payments are given to pregnant women and children under 3 years. You will receive your payment and payments for your dependents, through an Aspen card. Your allowance is loaded on to an Aspen card every week. You can use the Aspen card to withdraw cash from a cash machine.