British Culture

Children Playing Outside

Do not leave young children unattended or unsupervised.

Educate your children on where and when they cannot play e.g. they can play in a park but not on private property.

Educate them about ‘stranger danger’.

It is not advised to let children play in public streets when it is dark or late at night.

They should not litter or damage property or be excessively noisy as a neighbour may complain to the police about ‘anti-social behaviour’.

If the child is riding a bike, scooter or self motorised vehicle they must, by UK Law, be wearing a helmet. They can also wear knee and arm pads to prevent injury.


The UK society is a multi-faith society, people of all religions can expect to feel welcome in the UK, along with plenty of places to practise their faith. The UK is a religiously open and tolerant place. Discriminating against someone because of their religion is illegal and all faiths have legal protection.


While politics are a contentious subject, it may be worth trying to keep up to date.  It is usually not a conversation to have with strangers but is important to keep informed. Use the link to find out who has the right the vote.


The strength of the pound is key to knowing how far your money can stretch.  The basics of your food pantry can fluctuate in price, though it is often not much.  If you are interested, you can read more here:


Family Time:  When the household chores, schoolwork and jobs have been completed, most people enjoy spending time together as a family and with friends.  This varies from family to family and activates are based on what the interest of the family is.  For example, many families enjoy visiting playgrounds with small children, have picnics in parks and green spaces and visit visitor attractions.  

Attractions and Activities

Green Spaces:  When the weather is good, many people enjoy exploring their green spaces, or parks.  It is very important to follow some general rules when going to the park.   

  1. Do not leave rubbish outside out the rubbish bins as this attracts wildlife and is costly to clean up.
  2. Use the toilets provided and do not relieve yourself of poop in the park.  This causes a hazard to others using the park.   
  3. When using a disposable BBQ, you must keep it off the ground, this is a fire hazard and could cause damage to grass and plant life.  Ensure that you bring water to put out the coals when you are finished with them.  You are responsible for clearing your own rubbish.  Also, in the summer when there has been little rain and the area is in ‘drought’ state, BBQs may be banned, please keep informed by checking websites before making plans.  Parks 
  4. If you are planning a party of more than 10-15 people, please get in touch with the park you wish to visit as a group fee might apply.  There are restrictions on parties as they accumulate more rubbish and facilities will need more attention to the increased footfall.  
  5. And finally, it is expected that everyone who is visiting the park, or green space, that you treat the area and other visitors with respect.  Meaning, not to make too much noise, for example, loud music, or being aggressive towards others. 

School: Each school will have its own set of rules and expectations, please ask your child’s teacher for further explanation.  See ‘Education’ for more information on school structures and ages.   

Food:  The UK is a multi-cultural society that enjoys many global cuisines.  In Coventry, you will find a diverse selection of restaurants.  Depending on where you choose to dine, a meal will usually be a main, with the option to pay for a starter or dessert.  It is not usual to give a tip (money, usually 10 – 25% of the total bill).  It is expected that if you go to restaurant that children are well behaved or not noisy as a gesture to other people dining. 

There are often gatherings, called ‘Bring and Shares’ where every family attending is expected to bring a dish to share with others.  These are a great way to get involved in the community and to integrate into your new life in the UK. 


Libraries are a great educational resource and they are free for anyone to use. In the libraries you read books, films, take classes and access computers.